Andrew Fortener, Partner

Cozzins Road Capital

Prior to joining Cozzins, Andrew spent 7 years working for several entrepreneurial technology and software companies in San Francisco and Columbus. During that time Andrew gained invaluable experience in Content Coordination, Project Management,  Online Marketing, and Web Design.

Cozzins is unique in that our investors bring a wide variety of business experience to the table. Many of our investors are current or former CEO's of successful businesses and can be called upon for strategic advice to our partners.  If you are looking for a true partnership and not an acquisition mentality, Cozzins may be your partner.  


Phillip Fortener, Partner

Before joining Cozzins Road Capital, Phillip worked for one of Ohio’s larger private equity companies, Rockbridge Capital, LLC for three years.  He is a 2010 Finance graduate from the Ohio State University and focuses on financial modeling and investor reporting at Cozzins.


Randy Fortener, CEO

Randy founded Cozzins Road Captial after retiring as President of Crane Investment Company in 2014.  During his 25 years with Crane he directed over 40 private equity transactions with outstanding results.  Crane specialized in partnering with quality businesses, providing liquidity for sellers to diversify their assets, yet still run the business that they care deeply about.  Prior to joining Crane, Randy was a Partner with Deloitte, specializing as a mergers and acquisition advisor to clients such as Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Forstmann Little and Company, among other notable clients.  Cozzins intends to operate in a manner similar to the philosophy Randy employed while with Crane; one of partnership, as opposed to acquisition.  Cozzins will focus on businesses under the radar of investors like Crane.